It’s a start

8 July 2008

Welcome to my new, exciting, and hopefully regularly updated blog.  I must admit that this whole blogging process is rather intimidating.  While visions of beautiful and witty posts swim through my head, they do not seem to want to land on the page.  Well, this is a start!

Although I played around with a couple of themes, I settled on a craft blog to motivate me to do more artwork this summer and share it.  I must warn you that it may suddenly turn into a food blog, as that is what I tend to read and daydream about these days.

Crafting has grown into a pretty big part of my life.  I still haven’t outgrown my fascination with packages of art supplies that span the entire visible spectrum and my first origami crane was a momentous occasion.  Sometimes when I haven’t colored or touched a gluestick in weeks,  I feel an intense urge to create something (preferably, something shiny and pretty) and will stay up many hours obsessed with finishing this project.

The picture above is an example of one of my favorite sketches (and one that inspired the header)  that I drew in a late-night creative session.  I’ll post the rest of the series and a description in a day or two.