A Healthy Obsession

13 September 2008

I am obsessed with produce. And I am not so sure this is a good thing.

Although I’ve inherited my parent’s frugality and want to keep up my credibility as a normal (and thus poor) grad student, I spend shameful amounts of cash on novelties like tie-dyed peppers and albino carrots. All members of my family know that to accompany me to a farmer’s market or Whole Foods is to sacrifice the better portion of a weekend day, and thus politely (or not so politely) refuse my entreaties. I finally realized that my love of fruits, veggies, and fungi had gone too far when I calculated that nearly half of my conversations revolved around the superiority of organic strawberries or crisp mixed greens.

I am still unsure of how I should deal with this addiction (realization is the first step?), but I will leave you with some photos from the Fremont Farmer’s Market as evidence. No doubt, you will see me there again this Sunday morning.


One Response to “A Healthy Obsession”

  1. Patrick said

    Oh, gosh, produce is always the death of me. I spent like 2 hours yesterday in the produce section of Super H Mart (I’ve told you about it before, of course, but this is another story! Even though they’re all the same). I was looking at all these Vietnamese herbs and brought my dad’s iPhone so I could look them up on Wikipedia. I’m sure I looked absolutely ridiculous to anyone there.

    Love the title, btw.

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