A Healthy Obsession

13 September 2008

I am obsessed with produce. And I am not so sure this is a good thing.

Although I’ve inherited my parent’s frugality and want to keep up my credibility as a normal (and thus poor) grad student, I spend shameful amounts of cash on novelties like tie-dyed peppers and albino carrots. All members of my family know that to accompany me to a farmer’s market or Whole Foods is to sacrifice the better portion of a weekend day, and thus politely (or not so politely) refuse my entreaties. I finally realized that my love of fruits, veggies, and fungi had gone too far when I calculated that nearly half of my conversations revolved around the superiority of organic strawberries or crisp mixed greens.

I am still unsure of how I should deal with this addiction (realization is the first step?), but I will leave you with some photos from the Fremont Farmer’s Market as evidence. No doubt, you will see me there again this Sunday morning.