Baking is an art too!

17 July 2008

I could not sleep without posting pictures of a cake that I made yesterday. Better while it’s still semi-fresh, I guess. And before I eat so many slices that I’m sick of it.

We had an abundance of apricots growing out back that were just about overripe, so I considered it my familial duty to make something out of them. I can’t be that useful around the house with a broken foot, but perhaps baking up treats is enough.

The fresh apricot upside-down cake recipe that I found from epicurious was very intriguing. I kinda like pineapple upside-down cake, but my mom used to make it with canned pineapples and maraschino cherries, whose artificialness now scares the heck out of me. And I will spare you the story of how they are made. It gives me nightmares.

The cake turned out pretty well—even with serious substitutions. I added much less butter and sugar in the topping than the recipe calls for (as suggested by many reviewers) and used yogurt instead of buttermilk. I used a sugar substitute in the actual cake since my dad and grandmother are diabetic and added some toasted walnuts for some crunch. I suspect that a vegan version of the recipe would be equally delicious.

The result was quite pleasing. The apricot layer was thick and sweet like preserves, but the butter and sugar topping imparted a gooey caramel richness that enhanced the flavor. The cake itself was quite moist with a classic vanilla flavor. While my family always at least pretends to like what I bake, they seemed to truly enjoy this cake as everyone took seconds.

I don’t really believe (or adhere to) the theory baking is an exact science. I usually throw in my ingredients without measuring and substitute with abandon. Although the results are not always perfect, they are usually pretty tasty. But perhaps I am just not picky with sweets 🙂

So onto my afternoon adventure. It was pretty warm inside, so I had a craving for something refreshing and more interesting than plain sparkling water. A quick peek inside the fridge revealed limes and mint…materials perfect for a virgin mojito. It hit the spot.


2 Responses to “Baking is an art too!”

  1. of course it’s an art. That’s all I go to school for.. It is one of the most delicious arts!!LOL

  2. Patrick said

    I forgot to tell you…


    I check like everyday, only to be disappointed each time!

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