More about mehndi (revised*)

13 July 2008

* I revised this post a bit since the pictures disappeared and the overall layout was annoying me. Please excuse the awkward start–comments and suggestions are of course welcome.

my mehndi attempt (palm)

my mehndi attempt (palm)

I have all these crazy ideas for this blog and future projects and such, but I figure I should focus on my original goal–showcasing some art and craft (and food?) that I’ve recently created or contemplated.

So, I shall start by giving you the rest of the mehndi design series and sharing some thoughts about it.

I worked on these in my dorm room in my crazy pre-thesis state senior year. I was desperately in need of a productive and creative distraction and mehndi designs are the most satisfying craft I’ve found so far. They use soothingly repetitive motifs and can be as simple or complicated as I desire. Most importantly, after sketching out a basic outline I can spend hours filling them in and can really get into one piece without being stuck/blocked.

Paper is also easier to work with than actual mehndi on hands. The medium is less forgiving–I find it hard to make precise designs or fix blurry shapes using the thick paste. And it is difficult to plan a design that works with the shape and contours of hands. The designs I enjoy creating on paper don’t seem to work well on hands as you need more confident and bold strokes. Experienced mehndi artists impress me because they are able to create complicated designs (like the one below) consistently and quickly. And their work is gorgeous.

Beautiful and intricate mehndi design from my cousin's wedding

I think I’ll stick to paper for now, but would love to experiment more with mehndi on hands in the future.


2 Responses to “More about mehndi (revised*)”

  1. zephyruswenti said

    i remember all the mehndi-ing during your thesis! i was always pretty impressed. how did you generate the basic designs, though? just visualizing them in your head?

    and should we all expect a second explosion of mehndi designs during your master’s thesis? 😉

  2. infinitepaper said

    Well, I definitely expect an explosion of some sort of crafts. Maybe mehndi designs or perhaps something entirely new….

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